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February 22, 2025

"The Fastest Half Marathon in the south"

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13.1 net downhill miles from Travelers Rest, SC along the Prisma Health Swamp Rabbit Trail to a finish in downtown Greenville, SC


3.1 net downhill miles from the Swamp Rabbit Cafe along the Prisma Health Swamp Rabbit Trail to a finish in downtown Greenville, SC


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  1. What is the deadline to be guaranteed my requested t-shirt size?  T-shirt orders are placed on February 1.  Thus to ensure your exact t-shirt size you should register BEFORE February 1.  All athletes registered after February 1 will receive a t-shirt and most likely it will be the size you requested.  However, to guarantee this you must register BEFORE February 1st.  If you register AFTER February 1st you will be asked for a t-shirt size ONLY if there are shirts in inventory of that size available.  If you are not asked for a t-shirt size we are out of t-shirts and will not be ordering more.  If you are only offered certain sizes this means we are out of the other sizes and we will not be ordering more.  PLEASE NOTE THAT WE WILL NOT ANSWER ANY EMAILS ASKING THIS QUESTION AND THAT IN 2023 EVERYONE GOT THE T-SHIRT SIZE THEY WANTED.

  2. Is there Prize Money?  Yes.  The Greenville Half Marathon features a $3,000 cash purse with the following breakdown:

    • $750 - 1st Place Male / Female​

    • $500 - 2nd Place Male / Female

    • $350 - 3rd Place Male / Female

    • $250 - 4th Place Male / Female

    • $150 - 5th Place Male / Female

    • $150 - 1st Place Masters Male / Female

    • $50 - 2nd Place Masters Male / Female

    • $50 - 3rd Place Masters Male / Female

  3. Are the routes USA Track & Field certified?  Yes.  The Half Marathon (SC106017DW) and 5K (SC106018DW) are both certified with USA Track & Field. NOTE: All course distances are measured using approved USA Track & Field procedures.  Any modifications to the certified route are measured using these same procedures.  GPS measurements / times are not recognized by USATF for a multitude of reasons including signal disruption and recalibration, failure by the athlete to run the shortest route possible and an inability to know the precise moments measurement is started and stopped.  Thus, we will not respond to any emails about differences between our measurements and athlete GPS data.  Click HERE to view USATF's official stance on this issue.  NOTE: With the change in start line we will be updating the USATF Certification for the half marathon and will post the new information here once this is complete.

  4. What is your refund / deferral policy? We will not issue refunds for ANY reason including an event cancellation.  You may defer your entry into the following year for NO FEE up until the Friday before the event.  You may also gift your entry to another athlete for NO FEE up until the Friday before the event.  All of this must be done from within your RunSignUp profile you used to register.  

  5. Is the event chip timed?  Yes.  Both the Greenville Health Half Marathon & 5K are timed with the MyLaps BibTag technology.  The Half Marathon will offer a "gun" time as well as a "Chip" time.  The 5K will offer a "gun" time as well as a "Chip" time.  Awards are based on CHIP time.

  6. Is there an event capacity?  Yes.  We will close the event at 1000 for the 5K and at 2,500 for the Half Marathon.

  7. Does the event offer buses before or after the event?  Yes.  During registration you can reserve a bus ticket for either BEFORE the event (finish line to the start line) or AFTER the event (finish line to the start line).  So you will either park downtown at the finish and take a bus before the event to the start line OR you will park in Travelers Rest at the start line and take a bus after the event to the start line.  NOTE: You MUST reserve your spot on one of the buses prior to event weekend.  Do not wait, these will sell out.  If you failed to purchase your tickets during registration you may do so in the event store.  Click HERE to enter the store.

  8. Are there actual tickets for the buses?  No.  You check in via a list when you board the bus.  Our staff will verify your name on our list and you will board after verification.  

  9. Are there Finisher Medals? Yes.  Both the half marathon & 5K offer finisher medals.

  10. Is the race completely downhill?  No.  The first 4 miles of the half marathon are rolling and the last 9 miles are where you find the majority of the downhill as runners run from Travelers Rest into downtown Greenville.  The course is  VERY fast.

  11. Can I pick up race packets other than my own? Yes.  You may pick up packets for yourself and your friends / family.

  12. Do you mail race packets?  No.  We do not.

  13. Am I registered?  We sure hope so.  But you can always check the Participant List HERE.

  14. Are baby strollers / jog strollers allowed?  Yes.  HOWEVER, you should start at the back of the field and take note that the event finishes on a stage with stairs so you will have to carry any stroller down the stairs following the event.

  15. Are dogs allowed? No.  While we love our furry friends, we can not allow them to participate in this event.

  16. Can I walk this event?  Yes.  Both the half marathon & 5K allow walkers.  Please note the event has a 4 hour time limit so all athletes must be finished within 4 hours of the start of the half marathon.  This time equates to an 18 minute mile.

  17. Is there a bag check / transport at the start line?  Yes.  Both the half marathon & 5K offer a bag check at the start line.  Bags will be transported from the start line to the finish line for collection.

  18. Can I transfer my bib to another runner? Yes.  You can transfer your bib to another athlete.  All transfers must be done via RunSignUp before the posted deadlines.  These can be found on the REGISTER page here.  Fees may apply.

  19. Can I defer my entry into next year? Yes.  You can transfer your bib into the following year.  One transfer of the same entry is allowed and must be done via RunSignUp before the posted deadlines.  These can be found on the REGISTER page here.  Fees may apply.

  20. Can I switch from one event distance to another?  Yes.  You can switch from one event to another.  This switch must be done via RunSignUp before the posted deadlines.  These can be found on the REGISTER page here.  Fees may apply.

  21. Will there be pace groups for the half marathon? Yes.  Without Limits Greenville will provide pacers at the following paces: 1:30, 1:40, 1:50, 2:00, 2:15, 2:30 and 2:45.  Find your pacer at the start line.

  22. Where do I park?  With this event being held in downtown Greenville there are plenty of parking options.  There is no one designated parking place for all our athletes.  Please visit the event details document or specific half marathon / 5k event details pages for more parking information.

  23. What is the best hotel?  With this being a point to point event this will depend on your preferences.  Downtown Greenville has plenty of hotels and most are fairly pricey.  The Hampton Inn and Embassy Suites are the two closest to the the finish line.  Travelers Rest has one hotel (Hampton Inn) that is fairly close to the start line.   

  24. Is there a cut-off time?  Yes.  The time limit is 4 hours for all runners.  Walkers are allowed as long as they can meet the 4 hour time limit.

  25. Will the event sell out?  2023 was the first year for the event to sell out.  We expect it to sell out again in 2024.  Once it does we will implement a Wait List for both distances.

  26. Can I volunteer?  Absolutely!  We would love to have you.  The link to the volunteer portal is found HERE.



PLEASE NOTE: If the information you are asking about can be found on this website you should not expect a response from our team during event week.  All information can be found in the EVENT DETAILS document found below.  If you are trying to defer your entry, gift your entry or switch distances of your entry you must do so through your profile at


TD Stage at the Peace Center

300 South Main Street

Greenville, SC 29601

5K START TIME:      7:30AM


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